Cheap, flexible and emissions free

rentE is setup to help drivers make more money and thrive within our community of drivers. We see ourselves as one big family trying to work together.

We’re constantly on a pursuit to implement low cost management so our drivers can benefit, from electric cars, to lean scheduling methodologies and management of our fleet.

We aim to provide ongoing training to all our drivers to ensure a clean, supportive, and inspiring rentE driver community. Our safety policy includes the following practices: no smoking allowed in any rentE vehicles, no driving while under the influence of any intoxicating substances, no loading beyond a vehicle's rated capacity, and seatbelts are required by drivers and passengers.

Benefit One: Save costs when you rent a PCO vehicle

rentE is cheaper than anything else on the market, including using your own car. RentE is different to traditional rentals as it allows you to only pay when you use the car with no need to worry about your fuel, insurance or maintenance

Benefit two: We'll get you started straight away!

If you are an Uber driver we’ve got you covered, so that you can rent a registered PCO vehicle from today

Benefit three: Help air quality in Birmingham

rentE vehicles are all zero emission, fully electric cars. We charge the cars when you aren't using them at our base in Tyseley, using 100% renewable energy

Start booking cars with rentE to make more money on your next Uber drive.

After you register you will hear back from one of our team within 24hrs.